Essential nutrients

Cavom contains all essential nutrients in the right proportion. Supplementing with vitamins and mineral is therefore not required.

Improved fertility

Cavom promotes the fertility of male and female dogs. With high-quality animal and vegetable protein for an optimum amino acid pattern.

Better teeth

Cavom keeps your dog’s teeth healthy longer, because the granule has been kept quite hard. This combats the formation of tartar build-up.

More energy

Cavom is economical in use due to its high energy value and easy digestibility. Your dog needs less food, which translates into less faeces.

Cavom Feeding schedules

Dietary advice

Food plays an important part in the healthcondition of your dog. Too much food is will make your dog fat. Here you can calculate the optimal amount food for your dog

Healthy dogs with Cavom

In our kennel we carry only Cavom. Because of the great variety of products that Cavom delivers we have always the right food in the house for any dog. Even dogs with allergies respond very well to the natural diet. Our customers are always satisfied with how their dog looks after staying with us. We often advise our clients therefore to shift also to a natural diet of Cavom.

Carine van der Weert, hondenpension